Nozomi Ikeya

Nozomi Ikeya, Professor, Keio University, Japan

Dr. Ikeya aims to capture “practical management of knowledge” — how knowledge is shared, acquired, transferred, and used as part of activities. She emphasizes the importance of informing practitioners of her findings, and has co-designed activities with them based on findings so that they can work more collaboratively to better manage knowledge.

With these goals in mind, Dr. Ikeya studies “knowledge in action” in social settings from an ethnomethodological perspective. She has conducted ethnographic studies of work practice in various professional work settings, including: emergency medical practice at hospitals and emergency call centers; library services, particularly service design practices and reference service interactions; system engineers’ project management and discovery; and hardware designers’ work practices.

Dr. Ikeya was recently Senior Researcher at PARC, and was also Associate Professor of the Sociology Department at Toyo University in Japan.  Dr. Ikeya received her Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom.