IIEMCA 2013: Technologies and Techniques

“It has been to ethnomethodology’s credit that the subjects we’ve studied in the fields of science and technology thought ethnomethodology was sociology.”
Wes Sharrock, in his 2011 acceptance of the American Sociological Association Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis have always held unique positions within the discipline of sociology especially with regard to technologies and techniques in use, whether it be Sacks and Sudnow deploying novel technological approaches to data gathering; Garfinkel, Lynch and Livingston’s seminal paper “The Work of a Discovering Science”; Anita Pomerantz, John Heritage and others’ studies of doctor-patient interaction in increasingly technologically enhanced exam rooms; the list could go on. 

Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis are also primarily concerned with the techniques actors utilize to accomplish the social, be it through workplace studies, studies of scientific knowledge, studies of interactional order, etc.  The fundamental question that confronts Ethnomethodologists and Conversation Analysts – “how does this interaction get done?” – has and will thus receive a variety of related answers. 

We invite papers from the international community of EM/CA scholars that address the issues, practices and phenomena related to Technologies and Techniques.  As is EM/CAs tradition, we cast these categories in the broadest possible conception, but are particularly interested in papers which address the themes of Technology in the Home, Workplace, or related settings; Technology’s Impact on Theory/Method; Technological Approaches to Data Analysis; Everyday Technology; and The Artful Techniques of Social Interaction. 

Local Organizing Committee:
Peter Eglin (WLU)
Kieran Bonner (UW)
Jeffrey Aguinaldo (WLU)
Patrick Watson (UW)

Scientific Committee: 
Tim Berard (Kent State University)
Jörg Bergman (Universität Bielefeld)
Alain Bovet (University of Neuchâtel)
Fabienne Chevalier (University of Nottingham)
Baudoin Dupret (ENS-Cachan)
Thomas Eberle (University of Saint-Gall)
Giolo Fele (Università di Trento)
Angela Garcia (Bentley College)
Christian Greiffenhagen (University of Nottingham)
Makoto Hayashi (University of Illinois)
Eric Livingston (University of New England)
Michael Lynch (Cornell University)
Doug Maynard (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Maurice Nevile (The Australian National University)
Aug Nishizaka (Meiji Gakuin University)
Louis Quéré (EHESS-Paris)
Marc Relieu (Telecom Paris-Tech)
Marja-Leena Sorjonen (University of Helsinki)
Tanya Stivers (UCLA)