Living the material world

The IIEMCA conference of 2015 took place in Kolding, Denmark, from the 4th-7th of August.
The conference brings together members of the international community of scholars in ethnomethodology and conversation analysis to consider broad areas of research interest, and especially to address the conference theme on how people organize, conduct and accomplish their activities and interactions for ‘living the material world’. Materiality figures, for example, as features of the physical surround, gesture and the body, space and location, mobility, objects, and multimodality. The IIEMCA conference is an event happening every two years.

Book of Abstracts

Keynote speakers & invited symposium

Plenary talk by Eric Laurier 
Plenary talk by Kenneth Liberman 
Plenary talk by Aug Nishizaka 
Plenary talk by Trine Heinemann
Plenary talk by Lorenza Mondada 
Invited symposium: Convenor Douglas Macbeth 


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